What is Bitcoins and Bitcoin Charts

No need to explain what is Bitcoin – everybody knows this first cryptocurrency, for it has become the most popular currency in the digital world since its creation. The BTC price has passed through its rises and drops, and today (June 2022), the trend is moving downward. If in the spring of 2021, the BTC rate crossed the $60,000 level, today we can say it halved almost twice – BTC USDT $31,7. Nevertheless, Bitcoin remains one of the most promising investment assets globally, and buying it at this low rate now may bring enormous income in a while. It is easy to see how the BTC rate changed throughout its entire history on bitcoins charts.

Facts about Bitcoin

Here are several facts about Bitcoin crypto:

  • The first cryptocurrency in the world that is now considered a “digital gold”. The most stable-growing asset to invest in for the long term.
  • The emergence of BTC caused the whole crypto industry to develop. Thousands of new assets have appeared, and numerous projects are trying to repeat Bitcoin’s success, adding more features to their coins.
  • The emission of BTC is limited to 21 million. The last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140. Such limitation allows to protect the coin from inflation. The scarcity and limited emission of Bitcoins increase its rate.
  • BTC is one of a few cryptocurrencies that show stable growth in the long term; just check it out on the btc chart.

Everybody wants Bitcoin, but how to get it? There are some ways to do it.

Mine it. This is a complicated process of creating new blocks in the BTC blockchain by solving complex mathematical tasks. You will need complex and high-tech equipment as well as specially developed programs. In the early stages, it was possible to mine BTC even at home using an ordinary PC. However, the complexity of block creation increases over time, and receiving every block started to be more difficult. So it requires huge investments in technologies and equipment to use this method.

Trade it. This is a somewhat easier way to receive BTC. Just register on one of the most popular crypto exchanges, for example, WhiteBIT, and buy BTC.

Play. Now that play-to-earn games are becoming extremely popular, you can play and receive BTC or any other crypto while playing the games.

Pick the option that suits you better, and don’t forget to use only reliable services.


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